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Fundamental Guide to do your eyes

Fundamental Guide to do your eyes

Applying eye makeup can be intimidating and so numerous girls’ products are applied in the same way for a very long time.

It is never too late to discover the essentials and techniques that will make you look very nice in a short time. A little shadow, mascara, and arranged eyebrows are all you need to make your face look more fresh and clean.

In addition, for many years, the majority of ladies need to put some shine and light lest we become gray and flat. Today I invite you to fulfill our basic guide to disguise your eyes.

Tips to help you in the makeup process:

First or pre-base eye

The pre-base eye assists the shadow slide more quickly on the cover and makeup lines are developed, in addition, to concealing the red and blue of the veins of the skin and guarantee that the product lasts a lot longer.

Opt for a first opaque that matches your skin color. If you desire the shade that has a matte finish, use the drier formula. Some primers come with your applicator; otherwise, you can use your fingers (tidy) to put it on your skin.

Apply from lash line to where the eyelid arrives; no matter what color shade you utilize you’ll discover the distinction in between using and not using initially.


For day to day, you do not have to use 800 shades. For ladies who prefer neutral colors, opting to apply shadows on sand, beige or cream tones, do it just above the tabs till it ends to the eyelid.

If you want your eyes to have more depth and dimension, then you need 2 tones of shadows. A warm base goes from the tabs up until it ends the eyelid (champagne or peach) and then use a shadow in a darker color (bronze or chocolate) at the corner of the eyelid and line up the same. Do not forget to mix to give it a much more professional and natural look.

Eye liner

Cream, liquid, gel, pencil, chalk and everything you can imagine, the countless choices is frustrating. The liner is not only essential to specify, it is likewise crucial to make your lashes look extremely rich and thick.

At sunset we have little areas in between tab, develop the illusion that the line is much denser, much prior to applying mascara. But unless you go to try a retro look or have the very best pulse of the world, prevent liquid and gel eye liners. A pencil velvety formula is your finest option. It is soft and easy to blend, it is simple to control and can be utilized with great confidence in the water line of the upper and lower lashes.


As a great eye makeup, the ideal mascara can lift, separate and enhance what we already have. I suggest you try to find products that make thicker eyelashes, lengthen and give them definition. It is very important that you use water resistant mascara, so you prevent middle of the day having raccoon eyes but do not forget to remove it before going to sleep.

The black is a dramatic and gorgeous tone, but you can select a coffee to get a softer and fragile look. The mascara brush is equally important. Although the huge brushes give color to the upper lashes, those standard sizes are better to the lash line and use color uniformly. I suggest using two layers and wait a couple of seconds between applications.

Seven Methods to retain consumers in the beauty salon

Seven Methods to retain consumers in the beauty salon

One of the primary benefits of investing in a beauty parlor is evident: the need is repeated because the hair will keep growing. However, that is inadequate to make sure company success as competition is great. You need to have proper strategies to retain customers in order to keep the existing ones and mesmerize new consumers.

The difficulty of finding uniqueness

In a competitive scenario, there is no alternative to mesmerize consumers: it is necessary to have a differential aspect that will motivate them to return to your establishment. If you do not, someone else will win with the client that you lost.

When the topic is the beauty salons, the customer experience is more important. More than a good hairstyle at a fair price, some clients value the experience as a whole: the urge for a soothing environment when one moves the treatment away from the heated environment to a cooler zone, lively music can help. Everything needs to be considered to make the consumer experience relevant to their comfort level.

Here, we have a list of 7 alternatives to enhance care in your hair salon, to fascinate and retain customers.

7 Strategies to keep customers

1. Offering snacks

A newly brewed coffee, sweet to provide to children or just any sweet while the client waits. Small details captivate the customers.

2. Friendly atmosphere

Do not disregard the worth of an impressive and air-conditioned atmosphere with harmonious colors and ambient music. Do everything possible to make the client feel comfortable, to the point of feeling that the beauty salon is an extension of your home.

3. Flexibility to shift away

Let your customers change shifts before and after company hours, either online, by post, by phone, via applications- any of the method possible. Prevent generating problems in this procedure and evaluate customer choice.

4. Fidelity card

One technique to engage consumers in different sections is the loyalty card; this becomes a criterion to motivate the customer to return to your facility. Think about; for instance, providing a discount rate of 50% after five cuts.

5. Comply guaranteed

No one likes to feel cheated, is not it? If you cannot fulfill, do not promise. This applies to shifts, length cutting, rates and the final result.

6. Listening

Do not be reluctant to ask consumers about their choices. Ask them if there is anything they want, if you liked the previous cut, if you need some alteration in the structure, if you have suggestions, etc. The cautious treatment inspires them to return in the future.

7. Provide home entertainment options

On special celebrations, such as anniversaries, graduations or wedding events, the customer might have to wait at the parlor for a long time. To prevent a tedious experience, it should provide forms of entertainment such as a TELEVISION tuned to a channel of interest, updated publications and free internet access.

Finally, it is required to remember that assessing the level of consumer retention can help the development of the parlor with time. A good alternative for that is to opt for a CRM system that has updates on customer habits information. In this way, you will determine what works and exactly what you can adapt to your business more effectively.

Two tips prior to bedtime that should make a male charming

Two tips prior to bedtime that should make a male charming

These are basic habits and take a little time. Simply get used to it as soon as possible. Your face will thank you.

General differences exist not only in terms of musical tastes or composing speed of your car, however likewise in cosmetics. The portion of Spanish males who use beauty items has actually increased from 4% (in 1990) to 50%. One in two males has learned how to see beyond shaving foam, and the primary reason is that, eventually, it is not complicated at all.

In most men, after a certain age-and, turning 30 marks that there are some methods of skin care that are essential to reach the next years of life with a healthy skin. And a good beginning is to get used to two gestures is that extremely convenient -just before bedtime. Your skin will thank you.

1. Face washing

How many times you wash your hands every day? And how many number of times do you clean your face? “Washing your face during the night is exceptionally necessary to have a complete skin care,” says Dr. Mar Mira, Madrid Center Look. He discusses, “During the day our skin collects dirt and prior to going to bed is required to eliminate those”. Cleaning up the face serves to remove pollutants; however, also products that we use for cleaning should be reliable and branded. It will expose your face to more infections and inflammations if you work with a regular soap. You also run the risk of ruining the layer of natural skin security. It is appropriate to utilize a facial cleanser for day-to-day use: there are gels, foams and specialized soaps, both unisex usages as guided especially for the guys.

2. Moisturizer for your face

At the end of the day, without facing modifications in temperature level or humidity, skin does not respond as outdoors. “In the evening, our skin sleeps, rests, and is calmer and ready to ingest the active components,” describes Dr. Mira. We should use a neutral moisturizer during the day. It is not always suitable using lotions including sun blocks or product having stimulating components. After cleaning up the face, run a little dose to nourish and soothe your dermis. After a certain age, moisturizing at night, a classic of females’ cosmetics, begin to make their entry into the bathroom cabinet of numerous guys due to the fact that they contain active components in anti-aging impact, just like Night Cream AHA Baxter of California, Biotherm Age Physical fitness Night or Active Anti-Aging Regenerating Night Age of Nivea for Men.