Fundamental Guide to do your eyes

Fundamental Guide to do your eyes

Applying eye makeup can be intimidating and so numerous girls’ products are applied in the same way for a very long time.

It is never too late to discover the essentials and techniques that will make you look very nice in a short time. A little shadow, mascara, and arranged eyebrows are all you need to make your face look more fresh and clean.

In addition, for many years, the majority of ladies need to put some shine and light lest we become gray and flat. Today I invite you to fulfill our basic guide to disguise your eyes.

Tips to help you in the makeup process:

First or pre-base eye

The pre-base eye assists the shadow slide more quickly on the cover and makeup lines are developed, in addition, to concealing the red and blue of the veins of the skin and guarantee that the product lasts a lot longer.

Opt for a first opaque that matches your skin color. If you desire the shade that has a matte finish, use the drier formula. Some primers come with your applicator; otherwise, you can use your fingers (tidy) to put it on your skin.

Apply from lash line to where the eyelid arrives; no matter what color shade you utilize you’ll discover the distinction in between using and not using initially.


For day to day, you do not have to use 800 shades. For ladies who prefer neutral colors, opting to apply shadows on sand, beige or cream tones, do it just above the tabs till it ends to the eyelid.

If you want your eyes to have more depth and dimension, then you need 2 tones of shadows. A warm base goes from the tabs up until it ends the eyelid (champagne or peach) and then use a shadow in a darker color (bronze or chocolate) at the corner of the eyelid and line up the same. Do not forget to mix to give it a much more professional and natural look.

Eye liner

Cream, liquid, gel, pencil, chalk and everything you can imagine, the countless choices is frustrating. The liner is not only essential to specify, it is likewise crucial to make your lashes look extremely rich and thick.

At sunset we have little areas in between tab, develop the illusion that the line is much denser, much prior to applying mascara. But unless you go to try a retro look or have the very best pulse of the world, prevent liquid and gel eye liners. A pencil velvety formula is your finest option. It is soft and easy to blend, it is simple to control and can be utilized with great confidence in the water line of the upper and lower lashes.


As a great eye makeup, the ideal mascara can lift, separate and enhance what we already have. I suggest you try to find products that make thicker eyelashes, lengthen and give them definition. It is very important that you use water resistant mascara, so you prevent middle of the day having raccoon eyes but do not forget to remove it before going to sleep.

The black is a dramatic and gorgeous tone, but you can select a coffee to get a softer and fragile look. The mascara brush is equally important. Although the huge brushes give color to the upper lashes, those standard sizes are better to the lash line and use color uniformly. I suggest using two layers and wait a couple of seconds between applications.